General Introduction

EMASI Summer School 2019 is the first summer course of EMASI International Bilingual Schools.

With the theme of "Discover the world with EMASI, Discover the global citizen in you", the EMASI Summer School 2019 brings with it a unique message and a holistic approach: not only focusing on what students will "learn" and “play", but also what really helps them to "do "and "contribute" with specifically-designed activities, so that their summer is not only fun but also memorable and meaningful.

EMASI Summer School 2019 is a 6-week program primarily operated in English, for students from Kindergarten to Middle School. The Summer School is built around 6 basic areas with a view to develop students to become responsible global citizens and above all, forming good traits and character in each of them:

1. Comprehensive English program, which helps develop English listening, speaking and communication skills
2. STEM and coding
3. Arts & Craft
4. Music
5. Health education and sports
6. Environmental protection projects, community activities and field trips

EMASI Summer School 2019 will run from 10th June until 19th July. It promises to be a unique course, integrating practical topics to combine learning goals and developing soft skills, as well as providing children with fun and practical experiences. Thereby helping students to enhance and apply their knowledge and skills well.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
8h - 8h30 Check-in
8h30 - 10h00 English English English English  Library / ICT
10h00 - 10h15 Snacks
10h15 - 11h45 English English English English English
11h45 - 13h00 Lunch meal and play time
13h00 - 14h30 Music STEM Arts Coding Field Trip
14h30 - 15h00 Snacks and mid-day break
15h00 - 16h30 Rock Climbing Swimming PE Basketball
16h30 End of day.

Why Should Parents Choose EMASI Summer School 2019?

  • Comprehensive English program taught by native teachers
  • A variety of sports activities which help develop physical strength
  • Uniquely designed gifted subjects that help inspiring passion and excitement
  • International standardized facilities
  • Exciting extra curriculum activities and field trips which are highly educational
  • Developing important soft skills, enhancing students’ confidence, independence and self-awareness
  • Meaningful environmental projects

Fees (*)

6-Week Package By Week
Kindergarten Primary – Middle School Kindergarten Primary – Middle School
Fees 22.300.000 29.500.000 4.100.000 5.400.000
30% Discount

Before 31/3/2019

15.610.000 20.650.000 2.870.000 3.780.000
20% Discount

Before 29/04/2019

17.840.000 23.600.000 3.280.000 4.320.000
10% Discount

Before 24/05/2019

20.070.000 26.550.000 3.690.000 4.860.000


The fees include:

  • Workbook and supporting equipment during the course
  • Lunch meal and 2 snacks
  • Field trips cost


  • Students must register at least 3 consecutive weeks
  • Bus service not provided
  • All Summer School students will have Application Fees waived when registering to learn at EMASI Schools’ main courses


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